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Shoppy Cameroon now becomes Shoppy MarketSpace 🎉. We are moving to the rest of Africa. All your shops in one powerful app. Explore, Search, Negotiate, Buy & More.

Experience Shoppy MarketSpace like never before


Registered Users

We already have more than 3k users over the Cameroon territory


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We already have more than 300 shops over the Cameroon territory


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With more than 2,5k products, you could optimally get what you want

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  • Deep Search

    from many shops at the same time

  • Product comparison

    By specifications

  • Direct interaction

    with shop owners

  • Proximity Search

    Closest products to you

  • Deep Search

    from many shops at the same time

  • Comparison

    compare products by specifications

  • Direct interaction

    with shop owners

  • Proximity Search

    Closest products to you

Why Users love this app?

Features that aren’t so common place

Shoppy is not just a common e-commerce. With great tecnological features, shoppy makes online shopping different

  • Easily manage

  • Secure Document

  • Easy Customize

More reason to choose this

Incredible power of your business productivity

Easy Chat

Chat easily with your customers 24h/24 7 days a week

Powerful Admin

Manage your virtual shop with a powerful admin panel


Get live notifications on all that happens

SMS Alert

Get sms alert for each command or transaction

Communicate faster than ever

Reply to your customers in time

With an integrated chat, as a seller, you can get in contact with your customers for any arrangement and vise versa.

Unique Features that never seen

Discover even more possibilities.

Image search, geolocalisation, price bidding system, deep search...


Amazing interface

Awesome interfaces built for you.


Users who love us what they say about our app


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Let your products be viewed all around the world and Cameroon in particular.

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You may be asking yourselves:

You need to be a seller to sell on Shoppy, either a seller with a physical shop or one who has been selling online. We do not accept people who just wan to sell what they don't use. You can learn more here:
Get in contact with your customer and decide on the payment method to use. Payment on delivery or payment after delivery, it all depends on you.
fill the form on and we'll take care of the rest.
Shoppy is totally free for all buyers. No extra charges, No Fees or commissions

App is available for free on Google Play & App Store